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> Poland at the forefront of hard coal consumption

Poland is one of the leading countries basing the energy industry mainly on fossil fuels (hard coal and lignite), with a low share of RES (Renewable Energy Sources). As a result of burning fossil fuels, large amounts of greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere in the process of electricity and heat generation.

> Share of RES in energy industry in EU countries

Source: https://pl.boell.org/sites/default/files/atlas_energii.pdf








> Reasons for low RES share in Poland

  • Large coal deposits
  • Relatively high RES installation costs
  • Dependence of energy generation on current weather conditions
  • Problems with choosing the right location for investments
  • Low efficiency of RES in electricity generation

Our device is the answer to the problems faced by energy industry all over the world.

Meet the fan with a vertical pivot:


> Fan with a vertical pivot

Our windmill, unlike solutions used on the market so far, uses a vertical axis of rotor rotation. This allows to significantly increase the actual force of the wind entering the turbine.

The result of this innovative solution is that it can be used even in places where the full potential of wind energy has not yet been fully exploited due to poor wind strength (average speed below 5 m/s).

> More generated energy

The technology of double-sided rotation of the windmill involves the use of neodymium magnets, which will rotate in the opposite direction to each other. Such a solution will cause the coils to be located in the alternating magnetic field of the magnets, so the speed of change of this field will be twice as fast as if both disks rotate in the same direction.


More energy produced compared to conventional wind power plants


Greater efficiency of the wind force acting on the windmill

> Advantages




> How it works?



Our turbine is based on the Pawlak turbine. It is a structure of two turbines, installed and placed one above the other, on the same windmill mast.



In order to make better use of wind forces, the streams rotate in one axis, but in opposite directions.



The generator allows to achieve twice the efficiency of the turbine. This is due to the opposite direction of disk rotation. This results in a magnetic field change rate that is twice as high as that of conventional solutions.